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Insurance Company Resistance, ACA Achieves Favorable Outcome for Accident Victim

When the client’s insurance denied coverage for her medical expenses, she sought support and representation from ACA Law. Over the course of several years, Attorney Chip Abrahamsen provided invaluable assistance, working diligently to navigate the complex legal and insurance processes. He meticulously reviewed medical records, gathered evidence, and conducted thorough research to build a strong case in support of the client’s claim for medical expense coverage.

After the initial incident, the client suffered injuries to her neck, shoulders, elbow, and wrist. These injuries caused significant pain and limited her ability to perform daily tasks. However, the insurance company disputed the extent of her injuries and refused to cover any medical expenses beyond those directly related to her elbow. This denial of coverage created further hardships for the client, impeding her access to crucial medical treatment and hindering her recovery process.

Insurance companies often attempt to restrict or downplay the available treatment options for individuals injured on the job. It is important to be aware of their tactics and seek proper legal representation to protect your rights and ensure you receive the necessary care. By partnering with the Personal Injury Experts at ACA Law, we can help you confidently advocate for your best interests and secure the rightful compensation and medical support you deserve following a workplace injury.

With our extensive experience in handling cases involving insurance companies, ACA Law is well-equipped to navigate the challenges presented to us. Our unwavering commitment to our clients drives us to fight vigorously on their behalf. In this particular case, Attorney Chip Abrahamsen’s tireless dedication and tenacity led to a successful settlement, ensuring a favorable outcome for our client and providing them with the justice and compensation they deserved for their injuries and losses.


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