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Workers' Compensation

Every job has its risks, some more than others

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Workers' Compensation Case Types

Whether it's driving in a snowstorm to deliver a package to a client, lifting a heavy object, or working in construction, many workers face risk of injury each day.

Workers' Compensation laws are meant to ensure that you are covered if you are injured on the job or become ill due to a work-related illness. While these laws protect you from having to sue an employer for benefits, they also limit the amount you can recover from your employer. However, if your injury was related to a product or a faulty piece of equipment, Workers’ Compensation laws allow you to bring a suit against that the manufacturer of that product or equipment.

Workers' Compensation litigation is complex. Your employer or your employer's insurance carrier will be represented by an experienced attorney. Valid claims can be rejected. Employers can apply pressure for you to return to work before you feel you are able to do so. And you may fear for your job. If you've suffered a workplace injury, you need skilled legal assistance to ensure that your legal rights are fully protected.

The experienced Workers' Compensation attorneys and Personal Injury attorneys at ACA Law understand the consequences of a devastating injury or occupational illness. We also know how to protect injured workers from the abuse of harsh insurance companies. Our Workers' Comp attorneys will take action on your behalf in order to ensure your fair recovery and will pursue all the benefits you are entitled to under the law, including filing a claim against any third party responsible for causing your injuries. In addition, if the injury or illness is so serious that it prevents you from working for a year or more, you may be eligible for additional disability benefits from Social Security.

Take the first step today to get the compensation and justice you deserve. Contact ACA Law today for a FREE evaluation of your case. An experienced Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation lawyer will answer your questions, advise you of your rights and explain the benefits you are entitled to. Our workers comp attorneys work on a contingency basis. There are no legal fees until a financial settlement or verdict has been secured for you, so it does not cost you any money to have your case reviewed.

Workers' Compensation Case Types
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