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When Employers Fail, ACA Fights for Injured Workers' Rights

In a recent workers’ compensation case, Attorney Kevin Conaboy successfully reached a settlement on behalf of a client who suffered a workplace injury. The incident occurred when the client fell down a flight of steps, resulting in a severe shoulder injury. The extent of the injuries necessitated surgical intervention to address the damage and facilitate the client’s recovery process.

Following the workplace injury, the client faced significant financial burdens due to the extensive medical bills and the inability to work. Initially, the employer provided compensation for a period of time, but unfortunately, these payments ceased at a certain point. Complicating matters further, it was soon discovered that the employer did not have workers’ compensation insurance, leaving the client in a precarious position without the necessary support and coverage typically provided in such situations.

Seeking assistance, the client turned to ACA Law, where Attorney Kevin Conaboy took immediate action by filing a claim against the government-established Uninsured Guarantee Fund. This fund serves as a safety net for injured workers when their employers lack workers’ compensation insurance. However, despite the merits of the claim, it was ultimately denied due to being filed after the specified timeframe, posing a setback in the pursuit of rightful compensation for the client’s injuries.

Undeterred by the initial denial, Attorney Kevin Conaboy tenaciously pursued alternative legal options and conducted thorough research to find a viable solution. His determination was driven by the client’s urgent need for financial support and coverage in the absence of workers’ compensation insurance.

Attorney Kevin Conaboy demonstrated unwavering determination as he pursued the case to its conclusion in court. Recognizing the client’s rightful entitlement to benefits, the court ruled in favor of the client, acknowledging the severity of the injuries sustained at work.

When it comes to personal injury cases, ACA Law stands out as the law firm you can choose and trust. With a team of dedicated and experienced personal injury lawyers, including Attorney Kevin Conaboy, we have a proven track record of successfully representing clients and securing favorable outcomes. Trust the personal injury experts at ACA Law to be the advocates in your personal injury case, and let us help you navigate the complexities of the legal system with confidence.


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