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Seven Figure Settlement: ACA Law Delivers Compensation in NEPA Gas Leak Lawsuit

ACA Law has actively assisted numerous clients in Northeastern Pennsylvania in addressing gas leaks on their properties over the past decade. Through their expertise and commitment, they have provided effective assistance and support to individuals grappling with this dangerous issue.

The gas company failed to meet its contractual obligations by neglecting to follow the agreed-upon terms, including the failure to provide proper payment to its customers for the services rendered. This resulted in significant financial losses for the affected individuals.

After years of litigation, Attorney Chip Abrahamsen tenaciously fought back, determined to secure justice for their client. At ACA Law, ensuring the well-deserved resolution and vindication for our clients remains of utmost importance to us. We are committed to standing up for what is right, and we will continue to fiercely advocate for our clients' rights and pursue justice in every case we undertake.

Attorney Chip Abrahamsen's exceptional skills and dedication led to the successful resolution of the case, resulting in a substantial seven-figure settlement obtained for the client. His relentless efforts held the gas company accountable for its actions, ensuring that justice was served, and the client received the compensation they rightfully deserved.

This case undertaken by Attorney Chip Abrahamsen and ACA Law serves as a compelling example of our steadfast conviction in the pursuit of justice and our unwavering commitment to supporting those who have suffered. Through the dedicated efforts of our legal team, this case showcases the profound impact that compassionate advocacy can have, ultimately achieving a favorable resolution and bringing meaningful positive change to our clients' lives.


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