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Halloween Safety Tips from ACA

Halloween is right around the corner.  It is important to keep these tips in mind when selecting costumes for your children and when driving on October 31.

(1) Choose a costume that is brightly colored so that your child can be seen while crossing the street while trick-or-treating; or provide your child with a glowstick or flashlight to enhance their visibility.

(2) Always stay with your child during trick-or-treating, and instruct your child never to enter a stranger s house.  Have them stay on the front porch or sidewalk instead;

(3) If your children insist on trick-or-treating alone, insist that they do so in a group of friends, and set limits on where they are permitted to go and when they must return home;

(4) Never accept candy or treats that are not pre-packaged or pre-wrapped, such as fruit or loose candy.  Eating unwrapped items exposes your child to the risk of tampering.  Inspect what your child brings home and remove any unwrapped items.

(5) When on the roads on Halloween, be alert to children trick-or-treating.  Excited children may run into the street unexpectedly, or may be dressed in costumes which obscure their visibility at night.  Slow down and take extra precautions to avoid accidents.

Following these simple tips will help all of us to have a safe, healthy and happy Halloween.

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