Abrahamsen, Conaboy & Abrahamsen - $119,125.54 Verdict Rear-End Auto Accident

$119,125.54 Verdict Rear-End Auto Accident

Attorney Jim Conaboy recently secured a $119,125.54 verdict in Federal Court in Scranton on behalf of a client injured in a rear-end accident in Wayne County. The award was in favor of a member of the Sheet Metal Worker’s Union, Local 44, who sustained injuries to his back after being struck from behind while lawfully stopped to make a left turn into a worksite. The majority of the award is to compensate for pain and suffering, as the total amount of medical bills admitted at trial was only $4,125.54. Attorney Conaboy was very pleased with the verdict, especially considering that his client never missed a day of work following the accident, and that he was under active chiropractic care at the time of the accident. Most satisfying was the fact that the jury’s award was more than 5 times the amount offered for settlement by the opposing insurance company.