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$5 Million Dollar Settlement Secured for Abused Autistic Children

Jim Conaboy and Chip Abrahamsen led a team of attorneys who recently secured what is believed to be the largest settlement in the history of Pennsylvania in a case involving abuse of special needs children.

Jim and Chip represented the families of seven children that were abused by a teacher employed by the NEIU 19. The abuse took place in an autistic support class conducted within the Abington Heights School District.

The autistic support teacher, Susan Commerford Wzorek plead no contest to recklessly endangering children in that classroom. The facts that were discovered by the lawyers at ACA Law showed that from 2001-2003, Wzorek had inflicted such physical and emotional abuse on these children that they will suffer for the rest of their lives.

The children, between the ages of 5-11 at the time, were punched, pinched, dragged around the classroom by their hair, slapped, bloodied, even duct taped to chairs by Wzorek. The most horrific part of this was that the children were nonverbal and could not go home and tell their parents what was happening to them. Worse, when the NEIU and the School District learned of the allegations of abuse, they sought to cover it up. The lawyers at ACA Law exposed this cover up, leading to this substantial settlement.

This matter received much local and national media attention. Please click on the links below to view newspaper and television coverage.

The lawyers of ACA Law were proud to work with and serve these truly amazing children and their loving families. It is hoped that the result achieved will not only permit the children to receive needed medical attention for the rest of their lives, but will also prohibit similar abuse in the future.